He couldn’t make it on his own: Kirkorov couldn’t manage behind the scenes without assistants.

Scandalous footage has surfaced online.

After undergoing plastic surgeries, Philipp Kirkorov consistently showcases his excellent physique at every show. The pop king proudly displays his six-pack abs and firm buttocks to his fans. However, it turns out that his condition might not be as rosy as it seems.

Recently, the former husband of the Primadonna performed at one of the events. The singer was clearly running late and practically rushed to the stage. Dressed in a white suit and hat, the 56-year-old Philipp Bedrosovich appeared extremely concerned.

In the video, he is visibly out of breath from the rush, with two men assisting him as he walks. In the next frame, he’s walking on his own but still leans on his assistant. Interestingly, within a matter of minutes, the transformed performer of «Atlantida» enthusiastically entertained the audience.

Photo source: Legion–Media.

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