He saved nine cats, and now they come to thank him at night.

There are two things in Sarper Duman’s life that he is crazy about. They are music and cats.

Sarper is an accomplished pianist and an equally accomplished cat person. His apartment is home to 9 rescued cats that he has picked up off the street and walked at various times.

Stray, injured, hungry — all of them have now found their warm home and are very grateful to their Man!

Sarper works during the day and has to rehearse at night. And his pets have adapted to this rhythm of life!

During the day, they sleep or play peacefully. And as soon as it gets dark and the enchanting sounds pour out of the owner’s room, they quietly, on the tips of their paws, go to the instrument and sit around it.

Those who are more daring jump on their knees or even on the synthesizer, the rest of the listeners silently enjoy from the side… And this attention is the best gratitude for a talented musician!

«I treat every pet like a king or queen,» smiles the guy. — And grateful for the peace they bring to my home.»

One of Sarper’s kitties is blind. She can’t see the beauty of nature, but her owner gives her another opportunity. He sits her on the window and they listen to the birds singing together for long periods of time… This calms the little girl and gives inspiration to the musician.

The whole family lives soul to soul.

«They are my life, my heart, my angels,» Sarper hugs the pets.

Even the most recent kitty, recently brought in off the street, has fit in wonderfully with the company.

He turned out to be very talented — and often enjoys a bit of music himself!

That’s the kind of Goodness that lives in this house.

It makes for a marvelous duo. Appreciate this teamwork!

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