Sculpted figure: Ekaterina Shpitsa showed off her long legs.

The actress showed her abs of steel in a new swimsuit. Shpitsa together with her husband went on vacation in Sochi.

Two years ago Ekaterina Shpitsa married her lover businessman Ruslan Panov. Before the wedding, they met for three years. The spouses have a lot of work, tight schedules, so they do not have much time to be alone together. Despite this, they managed to carve out some time for a joint vacation. Ekaterina published pictures that were taken by her chosen one. Ruslan Panov takes pictures of his spouse, who poses for him in the sea.

«My husband and I are on vacation together for the only time this summer! Work a lot both of us, it’s hard to coincide in free dates, but we’re trying! And these 5 days just the two of us are something. And now I’m very happy to enjoy the sun and the sea together with my favorite man,» — writes the actress. The couple went on vacation to Sochi, where it is just the velvet season. Shpitsa admitted that the weather still reminds of the approaching cold season.

Shpitsa poses in a new beach look that she purchased overseas. The actress appeared in a sea-wave-colored slip-on swimsuit.

«Velvet season these days in Sochi is not hot, but we managed to snatch a wonderful day. I went for a swim. Water on the Adler coast invigorating: then rolls a very warm wave, then suddenly mixed cold stream, reminding of the near fall, but large waves with air lambs — charming and fun, as in childhood. And let the bathing, according to the feeling, specific, how was not to walk out such a swimsuit!», — says the celebrity.

Catherine has a great figure. She pays special attention to sports. After all, her husband is the director of a network of fitness clubs. So, sport is tightly integrated into her life. On the beach, she can boldly boast a steely and relief abs. Follovers are delighted with the forms of the star.

Photo: social networks.

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