Painful to watch: Meghan Markle, who disappeared from view, has turned into a skeleton (photo).

Only a shadow of the former luxurious beauty is left.

Imprisonment in the walls of a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles did not go in favor of Meghan Markle. The wife of Prince Harry left California for the first time in a long time. The appearance of the star left much to be desired.

For several months, almost nothing was heard about the 42-year-old former actress. She was hiding from the paparazzi, and later in the Network got a photo, where on the arm of the selebrity beauty anti-stress patch. Rumors crept that the exile of Buckingham Palace is in a severe depression.

Now the Duchess of Sussex left home and flew to Germany. The brunette in the company of her spouse attended a charity wheelchair basketball match. Photographers captured the missing diva sitting on the podium.

Markle was in a black tight-fitting sleeveless dress. She didn’t have enough strength for her hairstyle: she just tucked the strands behind her back. The monarch looked visibly thinner: her cheeks were sunken, her arms looked like matchsticks and her nose was stretched out.

Legion Media
Photo source: Legion Media

Author: Anna Pavlova

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