«Not just depression: Meghan Markle was not shielded from the worst.»

«The Duchess appeared in a dreadful state in public. Prince Harry seems to have completely abandoned caring for his spouse. Today, what was once a vibrant life for Meghan Markle looks utterly drained. The Windsor left their beloved behind as he embarked on a grand tour around the world.

In recent months, Prince William’s brother spent his time visiting Japan, Korea, and Britain, each time disembarking from the plane as the representative of Buckingham Palace, without his Duchess.

Soon, the Sussex was noticed appearing downcast, with an anti-stress patch on her arm. Observers suspected that the mother of two might be suffering from depression.

Her recent appearance at a basketball game in Germany only confirmed these concerns: Markle had noticeably lost weight and appeared emaciated. Dietitian Rimma Moysenko listed other potential reasons that could lead to unhealthy thinness.

«There are many reasons for such a dramatic change in appearance. Depression, the use of strong medications, changes in family dynamics, exacerbation of illnesses. People experience a sudden shift in their metabolic processes; they simply lose weight because they lose their appetite,» the medical expert stated in an interview with PopCornNews.

Image source: Legion Media
Author: Anna Pavlova, Olga Tarantina»

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