«He doesn’t think about the child at all: Gorban’s living room resembles an obstacle course (video).»

«The actress has not taken good care of the baby’s safety.

Maria Gorban’s earnings allow her to have everything she wants. Looking at the actress’s house, one can only envy her. High ceilings and a loft-style interior look very impressive. However, it seems that the celebrity designed it for herself and completely forgot about her young son.»

«For the two-year-old heir of the ‘Kitchen’ star, the living environment at home resembles more of an obstacle course. The child can easily scratch against the brick walls or fall from the staircase with metal railings.

The toddler can easily reach the wall-mounted fireplace. And clothing can easily catch on the rough edge of the solid wood coffee table, leading to potential injuries.»

«Video source: Maria Gorban / Social Media

Photo source: Legion Media

Author: Nikolay Pirogov»

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