«Rare domestic cat breeds that captivate with their beauty.»

«You can admire the beauty and grace of cats endlessly. But in addition to well-known varieties of cats, there are animals of rare breeds, many of which you probably haven’t even seen on the internet.

Turkish (Armenian) Van Image

Van is an ancient breed ready to break all your notions about these capricious animals. Their main feature is different eye colors, unusual snow-white fur, and an amazing love for water.

Savannah Image

This breed was obtained by crossing a regular domestic cat with an African serval. Savannah cats are usually large (for example, an adult can weigh up to 14 kg).

Toyger Image

The name of the breed is associated with the color of the cats, which closely resembles a tiger. To have such a luxurious cat at home, the future owner will have to spend more than $2000.

Serval Image

Members of this wild breed can be domesticated like regular cats, adapting to a domestic lifestyle. These agile animals are known for their intelligence and loyalty to their owner.

Chausie Image

Chausie cats get along easily with people but don’t miss a chance to show their complex character.

Caracat Image

The caracat is a descendant of a real lynx, as evidenced by its ears with black tips and the characteristic wildcat coloration.

Serengeti Image

These cats of a rare breed can be mistaken for servals. This variety of cats was developed by crossing breeds such as the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair cats. Breeders aimed to create a domestic animal that resembled an African serval but without involving the wildest animal in the breeding process.

Chinese Li Hua Image

The origin of the Chinese Li Hua is unknown, but these cats live exclusively in China. According to one version, this affectionate and intelligent animal is a domesticated mountain cat.

American Curl Image

American Curl cats, bred in the United States, come in two types: short-haired and semi-long-haired. The breed was developed in the United States and is very popular there. In other countries, American Curls are rarely seen.

Ragamuffin Image

Fluffy Ragamuffin cats were experimentally created to obtain various coat colors. These animals are usually calm and friendly.

LaPerm Image

These curly beauties first appeared in the United States in the 1980s. The LaPerm breed was officially recognized in 1996. LaPerm cats are quite expensive.

Snowshoe Image

These cute creatures with white «socks» were born completely by accident when a Siamese cat gave birth to a kitten of a different breed.

Nebelung Image

Unusual cats are loved for their non-standard blue-black hue. Moreover, they have a calm and kind temperament.»

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