«A big ginger cat ended up in a shelter and suddenly started talking to people.»

This ginger giant’s name is Clancy. He had to live on the streets for about seven years… Finally, he found himself in an Oregon shelter. On the body of the pet was a lot of scars left after clashes with other stray cats. Not only that, Clancy tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus.

The homeless shelter didn’t have enough room for new animals, so the kitty was sent to another shelter, Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood. Clancy was spayed and work was done to treat his illnesses. First of all, he had to take medication for a bladder infection and then the doctors cleaned his teeth.

One very interesting detail soon came to light. It turns out that the cat can talk to people, and he does it in a very unusual way… Everyone who wants to communicate with Clancy hears a strange, sometimes high-pitched, squeaky meow. Would you like to hear it? From the outside, it sounds like the cat is actually responding to the person.

«He’s unique because of his appearance with those huge cheeks and a very cute meow, but he also has a big heart, a super soft personality (very unusual for a stray cat) and a ton of charm and personality,» says volunteer Heather Svoboda.

Shelter staff posted a video of the talking cat on Facebook. Very soon it garnered thousands of views and comments.

«Many people offered their support and love for this cat, some donated items for the shelter and offered to pay for his treatment, as well as offering financial help for other shelter cats and kittens,» says Heather Svoboda.

It wasn’t long before a wonderful woman named Sandy wanted to take the cat home. She was so enamoured with the cat that she ignored even a serious illness like the immunodeficiency virus. Just imagine — now Clancy not only has a home, but also a person he can «talk» to.

We think this kitty definitely deserves to be happy! And even the scars don’t spoil the huge ginger cat in the slightest Let’s wish him many more years of life and a thousand plates of goodies!

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