«The wife found something in her husband’s pocket that made her start developing a plan of revenge.»

My friend has a wife. One day, I visited them while my friend was still at work. I decided to wait until he returned. I sat on the couch and watched his wife quietly. She was getting ready to do some laundry and went to pick up her husband’s pants when suddenly, a contraceptive fell out of the pocket.

She was shocked, tears welled up in her eyes. Cheating, it looked like cheating! She began to cry, saying all sorts of bad things about her husband. She couldn’t control her emotions, words, or hysteria. Then she calmed down, started to soberly assess the situation, and began to devise a plan for revenge. She had many options, but one of them made me feel particularly sorry for my friend.

And then he arrived — the «hero» of the day. He had no idea about anything, came in, greeted me, hugged and kissed his wife, who was just standing there barely holding herself together, and went to his room. I realized that I had to save him from the wrath of his angry wife, especially when she warned me not to tell him about what had happened.

Well, I’m not a fool to just let my friend «die» at the hands of his wife. I seized the moment and told him everything. But to my surprise, our plans didn’t change after that: no explanations, no apologies. We had to go somewhere with him, and he left with us, and his wife went along. We got into his car — a «Lada,» and when he tried to start it, it wouldn’t start no matter what. He started cursing whoever made this piece of junk and then, completely shameless, pulled out another rubber «friend» from the glove compartment. Both his wife and I were in shock, couldn’t believe our eyes.

He got out of the car, walked to the hood, opened it, and started doing something there. We couldn’t understand what was happening. And then, he sat back behind the wheel and said:

«Sometimes you can and should use things differently. I advise you, my friend, to do the same!» With ease, he started the car, and turned to me.

We couldn’t say a word due to our astonishment.

And that’s the story!

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