«I kissed a stranger to get back at my husband, and I didn’t expect it to turn out this way.»

My name is Ira, I’m a mother, and I manage everything on my own, especially after my husband left me for another woman. I do all the shopping myself, of course. And my recent trip to the store ended quite differently than I expected.

The store was not far from home, and I bought groceries for several weeks ahead, I don’t know why. I bought everything I needed and probably more than necessary. I was loaded with shopping bags. At the last moment, I squeezed toilet paper under my armpit, which didn’t want to stay in its place (I had no space left in other bags). I scolded myself for being so thoughtless and for not buying the toilet paper later at the small store near home. But no, I know how to make things difficult for myself!

But that wasn’t the only problem – my heavy bag was about to tear. Needless to say, I cursed myself for not buying a car after we sold ours.

When I suggested to my husband, he refused, saying, «A woman behind the wheel is useless!» And then he promised to drive me wherever I needed.

So, I exit the store, packed to the brim with bags, and I thank the «miracle technology» for the automatic doors opening. At least, I didn’t embarrass myself there.

As I was leaving the supermarket, I intended to quickly walk home before everything tore apart, when I saw my ex-husband’s new car. Next to it was the woman for whom he left me. I couldn’t afford to embarrass myself in front of them.

Turns out, I’m quite a brave woman. Seeing the car behind my ex’s car, I opened the rear door, put all my stuff inside, and sat in the front seat next to the man who was clearly bewildered by what was happening.

That wasn’t the end of the shock. I leaned towards him and asked him to kiss me. But without waiting for his response, I kissed him myself.

We drove away, and suddenly he stopped, turned to me, and with a smile, he asked, «Now, I guess I should marry you?»

I didn’t know where to hide; it was so embarrassing. I couldn’t help but start crying, and then I told him everything as it happened.

Even then, he was ready to protect me.

Shortly after my long story, we went to pick up our daughter from daycare. We started talking, and soon we got married. I never bought that car for myself – I’m pregnant again!

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