Today, your beloved will be constantly by your side while you go about your business, and their presence will make you feel very secure, cozy, and protected.


Today is the most suitable day for summing up. You will be able to figure out what you’ve achieved with your partner, what prospects await you, what has been good and bad, and how your relationship should continue. It’s best to evaluate together for objectivity.


Today, take a closer look at your loved one. Perhaps you will see something in them that will make you love them even more, or maybe something that will make you want to run away. Secrets are eventually revealed, and it’s better sooner than later.


In matters of love, everything will surprisingly go smoothly and easily for you today. However, don’t celebrate your luck too soon or make far-reaching conclusions about your good fortune. The higher you soar, the harder the fall can be.


Your loved one will constantly want to sleep today, and you may interpret their weariness as a lack of desire to communicate with you or something else negative. Don’t jump to conclusions; deep down, you know you’re not right.


Don’t hide your problems and emotions away today. The positioning of Mercury relative to the Sun suggests it’s a good day to talk to your partner about issues that concern both of you. For example, how to tactfully decline an invitation from a friend who always asks for money or why you still don’t have that mink coat.


Today, your loved one will need your understanding and support. If they don’t get it, the consequences could be very sad. Try to pay as much attention as possible to them and respond sympathetically to everything they say.


Today, it’s very important for you to maintain friendly relationships with people close to your loved one: their relatives, friends, co-workers, and anyone they consider important. Try to do it sincerely, unobtrusively, and tactfully.


Your loved one will want to hug you, hold you close, and never let go today. Fulfilling such a request isn’t as easy as it may seem, but it’s definitely worth a try.


Your current mood will be best understood by a schoolchild who has finished an era of endless homework, tests, and exams and is starting summer vacation. Or a bird that has suddenly remembered it can fly and takes off. All of this is because of love!


Do you like their habits, or are you too irritated by the fact that they eat in bed or spend too long in the bathroom, wishing things were the other way around?


Let this day be memorable for you! Even if it seems like an ordinary day, indistinguishable from millions of others, you and your loved one will remember it with joy and nostalgia in the future.

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