«A Labrador pleads with its owner for forgiveness. Incredibly adorable video.»

Some animals are so human that it’s amazing! To feel guilt and ask forgiveness for it — not every human can do it. But it can be done by animals. After all, they are incredibly honest, sincere and responsive creatures.

And this Labrador will be the best confirmation of this. He knows how to admit his mistakes and even knows how to repent for them. He loves his owner so much that he even asks for his forgiveness for his pranks.

He does this one in such a way that there is virtually no chance of him being chased away.

Just look at this spectacle! The owner scolds his dog, and he instantly repents and rests his forehead on his owner’s shoulder, apologising It’s clear without words! Of course, the man couldn’t resist and forgave his pet. How can one resist?


Amazing dog… The owner is very lucky to have such an honest, humane dog. I’m sure this video will make you want to get a dog!

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