«5 Things Men Desperately Want But Are Shy to Ask For.»

Everyone has their own inner demons and secret desires. It is easy to ask for something, but there are things that are embarrassing or uncomfortable to admit. A man doesn’t want to appear soft and vulnerable, so he keeps his thoughts quiet. He does not want you to consider him insecure or selfish, but a sensitive woman and so will understand what he really needs.

And so:

He wants intimacy to be initiated by you

It pleases a man when a woman suddenly kisses him, flirts, and flirts. Even a couple of minutes ago the day was ordinary and mundane, and now the chosen one with a burning look craves his attention. He wants that sometimes you were the initiator of intimacy, and not just respond to his proposal.

A man wants to feel desirable, but how to ask a woman to be more relaxed, more sensual, if she herself does not want it? That’s why he is silent and does not talk about his desire, because if he decides to ask, he will not get a sincere manifestation of feelings, but a feigned, which will destroy all the charm of close communication.

He wants to hear your compliments about him

How to tell your favorite woman to be softer, more attentive, say more tender words? Such a request can offend the chosen one, she will decide that the man underestimates her. He can himself start to say more affectionate words, but then the chosen one does not always understand that he wants the same attitude to himself.

Men love compliments, it is important for them to hear pleasant words about their appearance, personal qualities. He must be sure that you admire him, love him, so that he was not tempted to go looking for attention on the side.

He wants you not to pretend

Playing «catch-up» is interesting at the beginning of dating, but when married life begins, it’s exhausting. A man wants a simple and transparent relationship without silly insults, gossip and discussing personal problems with girlfriends. He wants to be sure that he can trust the chosen one, and not waste energy on suspicions, revealing betrayals.

It’s important to him that both develop, move on together, helping each other, not exhausted by jealousy and complaints. He doesn’t want to guess why you’re in a bad mood or what you want for your birthday and will be happy if you can talk to him honestly and directly.

He wants to be your hero

It’s important for him to know that the woman he loves needs his help and support. He is ready to try his best for the family, but he wants to see that it does good, not to hear criticism and reproaches for doing something wrong. Everyone feels unique and unrepeatable, and when a partner feels the same way, it inspires him and makes him reach new heights.

He wants his help to be appreciated, his opinion to be considered — these are simple things that are not noticed in a relationship if everything is in order. But if a man is neglected and underestimated, it immediately affects feelings.

He wishes his favorite woman to be his friend

Love is great, but when a woman can listen and give advice, it’s priceless. A man wants not just a bright and ardent relationship, but also mutual understanding, confidence in his chosen one. He wants to come from work and know that he can share his problems with a woman, that she will not brush off because she is tired, but will listen and encourage.

If he tells and then it turns out that the woman didn’t listen to him, he won’t want to share his experiences next time. He will not ask for attention from his beloved, because it should be in the relationship.

These things are uncomfortable to ask. This is the same as demanding love or fidelity: the other half or understands what the man wants, or does not notice the desires, because it is more convenient. Love gets rid of selfishness and makes you be more attentive to the needs and feelings of loved ones, but sometimes you should openly ask for what you want to make the relationship stronger and happier.

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