«Cabbage Diet: Enhancing Bust and Getting Rid of Belly.»

Cabbage Diet: Increasing Bust and Shedding Belly Fat

According to popular myths, cabbage can help significantly increase breast size. Whether this is true or not, you’ll have the opportunity to try for yourself. What is guaranteed with a cabbage-based menu is a rapid decrease in weight.

Diet Duration: 10 days

Caloric Content of Foods: Consider the calorie content of various types of cabbage when choosing. Brussels sprouts — 44 kcal, kohlrabi — 42 kcal, cauliflower — 32 kcal, fresh white cabbage — 26 kcal, sauerkraut — 19 kcal.

  • Breakfast: Green tea, coffee (without sugar).
  • Lunch: Salad made from fresh cabbage and carrots with vegetable oil (preferably olive oil). Boiled beef, chicken, or lean fish, not exceeding 200 grams.
  • Dinner: Salad made from fresh cabbage, one quail (or half a chicken) egg, one apple, or any other fruit (except bananas).
  • No later than 2 hours before bedtime: Drink a glass of skim (1%) kefir.

You can alternate by replacing the cabbage salad with cabbage soup.

Taboos: It is forbidden to add sugar and salt, consume alcohol, or eat flour and pastry products.

Effectiveness of the Cabbage Diet: Weight loss can range from 6 to 10 kilograms, depending on individual physiological characteristics and the amount of fat deposits, as reported by Delfi.

Please note that while such diets may lead to rapid weight loss, they should be undertaken with caution, as they can be restrictive and may not provide all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any diet is advisable.

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