«The sad dog sat in the shelter for 2 years until suddenly she caught a familiar scent of her owner.»

When Paquita was brought to the El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita dog shelter in Argentina, staff were told she had been found on the street. She was scared and completely alone. Paquita was made very welcome by the centre’s volunteers, which included Silvia Ferreira. The dog had been staying at the animal shelter for 2 years. The staff was unable to find her owner or anyone who knew him.

Unfortunately, Paquita was very depressed and aloof and apparently felt very lonely. The chances of her finding a new family were diminishing by the day. While younger dogs were easily finding new owners, Paquita continued to wait.

In turn, volunteers from Arca Animal did their best to find a home for Paquita. They decided to photograph her and post the pictures on Facebook to increase the interest of potential owners.

However, this was not an easy task. Paquita always looked at the floor or turned her head away when they tried to take her picture. Eventually, they managed to get a shot that was good enough to post online.

«Literally straight away we get a message from a woman who says it’s her son’s dog and that he’s looking for her!» — recounts Sylvia.

The woman said her son, Ariel Naveira, thought he would never see Paquita again. The next day, Ariel came to the shelter to make sure it was indeed his dog. Obviously, Paquita had to make sure Ariel was her real owner, too.

The moment everyone had been waiting for

When the shelter staff brought Paquita to Ariel, there was a sense of uncertainty in her. She hid behind one of them and began to sniff warily. Eventually, she smelled a familiar scent and you can see for yourself the very moment she realised who Ariel was. It’s a very touching moment. Paquita is clearly incredibly happy — she jumps on Ariel and licks him.

Paquita is so happy, you just can’t help but smile when you look at her. I’m so glad these two are back together! Check out the moment they met in the video below =)

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