«The puppy gets hilariously mad at its mom. The cuteness level is off the charts.»

This little puppy, who dictates rights to his mum, is called Elvis. The poor dog has a birth defect — an irregular cleft from nose to mouth that looks like he’s smiling all the time. Hence the name — Elvis, after the rock and roll star. This defect prevented the poor puppy from feeding on his mum’s milk, so he had to be nursed back to health. The baby was bottle-fed and fussed with, and his mother was constantly worried and never left her child’s side.

She takes great care of her baby, literally never gives him a pass, ready to endlessly coddle the puppy and expects him to reciprocate, not understanding why he doesn’t behave the way she would like him to. Little Elvis is angry, he wants so badly to be on his own. Despite the fact that he can barely stand on his feet and even staggers, he barks very menacingly and bravely tries to run off to conquer the world. I think any teenager will recognise himself in this guy.))

Elvis’s mother is patient, she barks sternly, pointing out that he is not behaving properly, and then gently caresses and licks her puppy. I hope he realises how much she loves him and how lucky he is to have her. Then he will definitely be more affectionate with her!

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