What makeup will be in trend for fall: Recommendations from makeup artists Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

Makeup artist Mary Phillips, known for working with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, has a talent for turning traditional makeup techniques into something modern and comfortable for the new generation of makeup enthusiasts. Her tricks go viral on social media, as reported by Vogue.

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When Instagram first emerged, makeup was often very heavy, with square, sharp brows and excessive powder. I’ve noticed that thanks to TikTok, the younger generation is returning to cleaner, more radiant makeup. Using blending, it’s very easy to achieve that sculpted look but with thinner layers, keeping it radiant. You use much less product and look very natural.

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This technique involves applying contour, highlights, and blush before foundation for a lighter and radiant result. Phillips aims to share the benefits of makeup techniques that work at any age. Her trick with the three-point concealer is one of such tips, requiring strategic placement of concealer under the inner corner of the eye, under the outer corner of the eye, and finally, near the nostrils. By blending three colors together with a small fluffy face brush, you create a light triangle that gives the face a subtle glow and conceals dark circles under the eyes.

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«Everyone needs concealer for these three areas, regardless of your age,» she insists. «Using concealer as a highlighter is a great way to shape and emphasize the face, which means you’ll need less contour. It naturally lifts and sculpts. While any concealer will do, Phillips is a fan of L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr More Than Concealer: ‘It’s not too drying, not sticky, but very creamy,’ she adds.»

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Radiant skin is undoubtedly Phillips’ specialty, but she enthusiastically embraces any techniques that impart a youthful freshness to the face. While radiant skin is always in her repertoire, in the fall of 2023, Phillips will be pairing that freshness with deeper shades of blush and darker, more dramatic lipstick shades in dark brown, purple, and plum tones. She has two tips for a flawless result. ‘Before applying lip liner, make sure it’s really sharp so the line is very clean and crisp, and always apply it with a small concealer brush,’ she suggests.

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