The wife of a famous porn actor shared how her husband turned her into a good lover.

The wife of a famous porn actor has revealed her husband taught her how to become a better lover.

Katie Bampton married adult content creator Robbie just four months after meeting him, admitting that although his work repelled her at first, her mindset has now completely changed.

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The 30-year-old woman fully supports her husband’s unusual work, which includes making adult films as well as teaching men and women how to improve their personal lives.

«I knew what Robbie was doing before I met him because I’d seen him on Instagram, and it put me off a little bit,» Katie told SEEN TV. «But after meeting Robbie, I realised how much we had in common and my perception really changed,» she noted.

«Our first kiss happened on the beach and then he left to film a scene and it seemed so normal,» she explained.

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According to Katie, her way of thinking has changed since they bonded last year. «I thought relationships and sex were about love, but I’ve realised that sex is a physical exchange between two people,» she noted. «Our relationship is based on love, and there is so much in our relationship and plans for the future.»

However, not everyone has embraced their «open» marriage. «I married Robbie for who he is. The moment I met him I knew he was special and, we bonded from the start,» Katie said. «I couldn’t be myself in previous relationships. I felt like I wasn’t existing or acting to my full potential. With Robbie, there was no judgement and I could just be the Katie that I am. I never thought I would marry a porn star…But having sex with a porn star taught me a lot.»

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Robbie revealed that he found himself working in the porn business after he renounced Jehovah’s Witnesses at the age of 18 and discovered he was in a polyamorous relationship with two women. «From that point on, I learnt as much as I could and I think I was so interested in learning that it led me down the path of teaching sex,» he explained. «I’m so proud of my work that I think it’s just a stigma from the older generation when people look down on it and think it’s ‘dirty’.»

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