A woman checked out what her cat and dog do when she’s not home. She filmed footage of the cute friendship

It is believed that cats and dogs are irreconcilable enemies. Is this really the case? A Reddit user with the nickname elphada16 shot a video that proves that now the expression «live like a cat and a dog» has taken on the exact opposite meaning. When the spouses are at home, cat Calvin and dog Joel don’t exactly show friendly feelings. Then the mistress set up a camera and decided to see what happens when people are not at home.

In total, the family has four pets: the aforementioned Calvin and Joule, another dog Tesla and a black cat, whose name was not given to us. The owner, like her husband, works as an engineer, so the animals have «scientific» names.

And here’s the whole gang. Joel and Tesla look alike, the latter has a white stripe on her nose

Joel was adopted from a shelter 4 years ago, she is now 5 years old. Her ancestry clearly included someone with a Hungarian Legionnaire hunting dog breed. Kevin is 4 years old, he too was taken from the shelter — an 8 month old kitten.

So the owner came to work and switched on the camera. Well, the tech has revealed the truth! As soon as the dog climbs onto his favourite sofa, the cat joins him. These two are having such a great time making out! The woman writes, this happens almost every day.

Calvin the cat and Joel the dog love to sleep together, curled up in a fecal ball when their owners are out of sight

Oops, they do see after all!

Always together

Sometimes they get a visit from Tesla

The landlady now keeps the camera open in the corner of the screen on her work computer all day. She’s noticed: while people aren’t home, the animals sleep most of the time. When the owners return, the pets are active, because people are more fun. The post quickly rose to the top, and Reddit users asked for more videos with the cute couple. The woman responded and posted several videos on Instagram.

By the way, fans of Calvin and Joel even advised the hostess to sell videos to «slow TV» in Norway: there you can see a live broadcast of how grandma knits socks or how the fire in the fireplace is burning. The landlady promised to think about hosting streams.

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