A cat came to a café seeking help from people as her kittens were freezing in the cold.

This story took place in the town of Labinsk, Krasnodar Krai. A stray cat came to the windows of the cafe, it started scratching the window with its paws, meowing and calling for people.

Several people came out to look at the cat, and when the employees decided to chase the animal away, they stood up for it. A young couple decided to take the cat, but it broke out of the girl’s hands and started calling for her. The couple followed the kitty into the woods and she led them to a cardboard box.

The box was completely sealed and stood in the middle of the path. The cat started scratching at the box and became nervous, then the guy unsealed it. Inside were newborn kittens. The cat immediately jumped to the babies and started feeding and licking them. The couple grabbed the box and carried it home. Now the babies and their brave mum are being looked after. They will be found loving hands. The couple appreciated the courage and perseverance of the furry mummy and will keep her.

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