A puppy lost its paw but miraculously survived. Look at how the cats took care of him.

Things happen in the world! And they say that dogs and cats are sworn enemies. They are not! On the contrary, sometimes they show miracles of friendship, help and mutual assistance. That’s exactly what our story today is about.

Take a look at the photo of this little guy. There were 8 of these little dogs born in total. Sadly, not even half survived: rumour has it that their mother was insane and she — watch out, shock content! — ate half her own babies. Thank God they managed to save at least this adorable little guy.

The dog’s name is Nicholas. His leg was chewed off, which at his very young age and lack of proper care almost caused his premature death. However, the dog was lucky enough to be in good hands and was rescued!

The woman who nursed the dog fed him milk and bandaged his leg every couple of hours. At the same time, the volunteer already had kitties living at home. She was initially afraid that little Nicholas would not be accepted, but she was amazed to see that the kitties genuinely cared for the baby!

Just look at how cute they are sleeping together! The cats were constantly following Nicholas around, being by his side, supporting him. It’s just so adorable!

Unfortunately, the little guy’s paw could not be saved and he will be left with the injury for life. However, the important thing is that he survived. And not just alive!

He also made new true friends who literally kept him from dying. An amazing example of friendship between animals! They don’t leave their own behind

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