Puppets & Puppets showcases the duality of New York femininity.

Puppets & Puppets’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection showcases the duality of New York femininity, embodying the boldness needed to ride the underground and walk the streets of the Big Apple.

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Creative Director Carly Mark has created a collection that is as exciting as it is beautiful. While Mark’s personal experience may be individual, it certainly resonates as celebrities such as Julia Fox, Moses Sumney and Richie Shazam were in attendance.

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The Puppets & Puppets collection reveals what it’s like to be a woman in the city, reflecting a spirit of fierceness and empowerment through bold patterns and dramatic silhouettes.

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Experimental cuts take classic designs to the next level, hinting at the revival the wearer is experiencing with a wardrobe change.

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Items of utilitarian uniform are reinvented and updated, with khaki trousers becoming larger in size and fitted with matching oversized pockets.

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Spacious trapeze trousers take their well-deserved place, a translucent jumpsuit adorned with a collage of creepy photos draws the eye and contrasts with an elegant dress drenched in bright yellow florals.

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Mark mocks our obsession with status symbols by wrapping ripe bananas in leather instead of handbags.

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