Puppies who conquer everyone around with their love and devotion.

Dogs have amazed and continue to amaze humans with their unconditional love, loyalty and willingness to rush to the rescue at any moment. Are humans worthy of such love? This is a big question nowadays. But dogs don’t care, because they love their masters freely. Attention, the following pictures are touching, so try not to melt with emotion.

This little dog knows his little man is sick

«Our dogs always come to mommy when she’s not feeling well»

A good boy waits for his human to come home from work

It’s important to have someone to fetch water when you’re sick

«Hanging out with my best friend.»

When you’re a little sick and the ambulance is just around the corner

She seems to be crazy about her new baby brother

When you don’t want to be apart even for a minute

«Now my wife’s broken leg is well protected»

This is Eddie’s therapy dog. He never parts with his backpack full of toys and rarely leaves the pediatric ICU

When you’re only 3 days old, but you already have a friend

«I’m pretty sure my dog knows I’m pregnant»

«Dad has been in the hospital for a week now. Today is his birthday and the only thing he wanted was to see our dog.»

Best moment of the whole day was coming home and getting his share of cuddles

«Yesterday our dog fell into the lake. My wife rescued her. That’s how they slept this night.»

«My dog knows how to recognize anxiety. She gives a paw when she senses you’re sad.»

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