Fans sound the alarm: they’ve caught grown-up Arya Stark from ‘Game of Thrones’ in addiction.

There are some strange rumors about the star.

Since the release of the last series of fantasy television series has been more than four years. Since then, some actors who played key roles in the tape, noticeably transformed. This statement also applies to Macy Williams, who played the role of Eddard Stark’s daughter.

In April 2023, the British artist celebrated her 26th birthday. The celebrity has been flaunting a boyish haircut for more than a year, for which she sometimes receives heath from subscribers. In everyday life, the star of «Game of Thrones» does not often use makeup, so most of the photos in the blog she appears with minimal or no makeup.

It is worth noting that some publications of the celebrity make fans worry about her. When looking at the pictures of screen Arya Stark, for some reason they catch themselves thinking that she uses illegal substances. But there’s no confirmation of that.

«I’m sure she’s taking», «She needs help now,» internet users commented.

Photo source: Macy Williams / Social Media
Photo source: A still from the TV series Game of Thrones

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