Funny animals that wanted to be fierce but couldn’t pull it off.

A lot of animals are pretty cute, even if they are predators. Especially if they’re small predators. The cubs are so funny that it is impossible not to be amused. Although they certainly build themselves formidable and scary beasts, and it is especially funny. Our selection of such babies, which are very cute and funny, but at heart formidable and angry. Enjoy!

Aha didn’t expect that?

Who are you, identify yourself quickly. Or I’ll make a R-r-r-r-r-r-r… Well aren’t you scared?

Run you idiot! I’m scary when I’m angry!

Are you dog? That dog doesn’t seem to care!

I said woof and then r-r-r… When I want to speak my mind!

What kind of baby am I?! I’m gonna peck you!

So that’s who wiped out the dinosaurs! Better stay out of his way!

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