Be affectionate and alert with your loved one. After all, even if today he won’t look like the love of your life and the one you’ve always waited for, thank him at least for the minutes of happiness he’s brought you. Preferably not in words, but in deed.


Today your favorite person will pick on you for nothing: he will categorically dislike what you do, how and, most importantly, for what purpose. At the same time, he most likely will not know how to do better and what exactly in your actions is wrong.


Quite a day to make something for the ages. Stool from the bar to chisel or, say, a garden sculpture of granite boulders to put together. Можете посвятить свой великий труд любимому — ему будет приятно.


Сегодня ваш любимый человек превзойдет все ваши ожидания. Впрочем, непонятно в каком аспекте, будь то некий геройский поступок, неожиданное признание или некая ошибка, неповторимая по своей непредсказуемости и глупости. Так или иначе, будьте готовы к тому, чтобы удивляться.


This day you are unlikely to remember with fondness, but, most likely, regret what you have done, too. Well, if you decided to cut bridges — go ahead, there is usually no turning back in such cases.


Today you should do something useless together. For example, do a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle or play a game of tag. This will allow you to distract yourself from unnecessary thoughts and have a lot of fun on a couple! And then long to tell how wonderful you spent together the time of day.


Libras today stars do not recommend to go out in the fresh air in too light clothes. Do not get blown away. And indoors dress more modestly — it is better to give your spouse no reason for jealousy and suspicion — he will now be especially vulnerable and prone to exaggeration. It’s better to spend the whole day at home.


All physical activity will irritate you today — woe to the one who will express an insistent wish for you to carry a bucket, water the flowers or cook dinner. The day is suitable only for dreaming of a handsome prince on a white horse (or a royal heiress with golden braids and a dowry).


If your loved one stubbornly disagrees with you about something, don’t think that he or she isn’t smart enough to understand you — and especially don’t think the other way around. You’re just different, and you have completely different truths. Try to find an arithmetic mean between the two.


Today, try to keep yourself within limits, not to go beyond a certain line, which can change everything significantly in your relationship with your favorite person. It will not be easy to do this, for what is beyond the line. will be irresistibly beckoning you. Think ten times before you respond to this call.


Today you will remember your former love, and nostalgia will overwhelm you. However, this nostalgia can interfere with your bright present, so try to do everything possible to make sure that your loved one did not know about it and, most importantly, did not see it in your eyes.


Today you have a day of absent-mindedness. You will not hear what your soulmate will tell you. However, you will answer very much in theme, as if you took note of everything you said. The main thing is not to agree to something very costly or risky: then do not turn away!

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