Heartwarming photos of the friendship between animals and humans that will make your day brighter.

People since centuries love to communicate with pets, for some it is a means of protecting themselves or their property, for some it is a way to get rid of loneliness. But there are people who have animals not for any particular purpose, but simply because they have found their faithful and loyal friend. And animals feel this and also feel sincere affection for their masters. This is the very cap of friendship.

Enjoying the first days of spring

Will be with you to the last

«My cat really likes the Christmas tree and garlands, when we put it away she got sad, made her a place like this»

She looks at it with so much love

What you don’t do for friendship

I’ve only been gone a couple days

«We bought her a separate couch.»

He doesn’t like it when I laugh!

«This is how my baby girl gets attention.»

«It’s a neighbor’s dog and there was no one to walk him. So I said yes, it was my best decision!»

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