A 16-year-old cat, who lost his home, is happy to find himself where he is loved.

This adorable cat at the age of 16 found himself without his usual cozy home. Having moved to a new place, he began to show unusual timidity and at first preferred to hide from everyone in his hiding place. But everything changed thanks to the magical power of love.

Let’s meet Orion!

He lost his familiar home, where he had lived his entire life, and now resides at a cat shelter in Fort Worth, Texas. For the first week, he showed insecurity.

«Having lost the roof over his head, he was initially uncomfortable in this new place, but his wonderful trait of sneaking up and cozying up next to you while you sleep has remained unchanged. Welcome home, dear Orion! We are truly happy to have you with us,» shared Karin Poplin, a representative of a stray cat rescue organization.

An 18-year-old cat named Britches, also a shelter resident, decided to support Orion and give him some reassurance. He visited Orion just to be there for him.

When Orion finally realized that he had found a new home that would be his true forever home, he stopped hiding in the corner so often. The love and care surrounding this sweet creature did its job.

He is now experiencing true happiness, doing all those familiar things he loved to do when he felt loved….

Orion conveys to his new owner all the joy he feels being in his new cozy corner called home.

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