A man revived a ginger cat freezing from the cold.

One day a man found a lifeless red kitten on his porch. It had been bitterly cold outside for a long time, with temperatures dropping below -17 degrees Celsius. He decided to take the kitten home and try to bring it back to life.

The kitten they named Elsa was so frozen she could barely move a paw.

The man doubted if this little life could even be saved. But he was determined not to give up.

The warm bath had a beneficial effect on him. Seeing Elsa slowly begin to recover, he began to realize that there might be a chance of salvation.

With each passing minute, the kitten came to life. As the warmth began to return to its body, you could see her regaining her life.

After six hours, Elsa was already walking on her own and was even able to eat.

A man was able to bring this little lost soul back to life because of his attention, care and the warmth of his home.

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