Cats are true troublemakers who will never leave their owners in peace.

Back in the day, a funny situation happened in a store. A man came to collect groceries for a week and took a huge bag with him to hold everything. When he opened the bag, a cat that was being fed there at the store suddenly jumped inside. It was as if she said: «You picked me, now take me home! And don’t forget to buy the fish!» It was a real surprise, because cats are animals with real character, they always do what they want.

Today we provide you with photos of real bully cats, with whom you will never be bored!
«I am a mean cat! I’m ready to tear up this package!»

These cute friends have apparently decided that this is the most comfortable place in the house, surely better than the special cat lounger bought by the owner…

«What are you, bro…?»

«Don’t worry, I’ll save you! I’ll defeat that scary spider, even if I have to pay with wallpaper…»

«It’s just a silhouette of my dream…»

«I’m a cat turned garland…»

«What a horrible thing, your bay fish…»

Seems like this place is really convenient!

And this too…

A special place for cats to rest

«Мы с хозяйкой — неразлучная команда!»

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