Rescue and New Family: The Amazing Story of Puppy Polaris.

A puppy named Polaris has found a new home thanks to the care of pilot William Dale, who rescued him from a difficult situation. When one of the passengers flew to San Francisco airport from China, he brought with him a German Shepherd puppy, but he did not have all the necessary documents to transport his furry companion to New York.

Polaris’ puppy, who is just six months old, took some time to leave the airport. It took a long legal battle before a pilot from United Airlines decided to take the dog into his home.

It turns out that improper paperwork in importing the animal was the reason why the puppy could not continue travelling with its original owner. This decision was due to concerns about the possibility of rabies, as China is on the list of countries where there is an increased risk of rabies and it is illegal to import puppies without proper documentation.

The pilot who took the puppy into his care shared, «I hope we can take at least as good care of him as United Airport took care of him.»

The previous owner apparently decided to leave the dog at the airport without paying proper attention to the clearance rules. The pilot looked at the case from a different angle and decided to take the dog in. The options of sending it back to China or leaving it at the airport did not seem adequate, as it could have led to an unfortunate outcome for the little furball.

The airport director shared, «About 50 employees came to greet him. He really became a celebrity here. I’m going to miss him.»

Pilot William Dale noted, «I was very lucky to have this dog. I thought his story was amazing, but it’s hard to imagine my life without him now.»

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