My mother and stepfather did not want me to maintain contact with my father,» Now everyone is surprised that I do not want to talk to them

I am getting married soon. We are currently planning a wedding with my fiancé. The most annoying question asked in the past few weeks is:

— Why don’t you want to invite your parents? After all, it was your mother and stepfather who raised you!

For some reason, people think they can interfere in someone’s life and give them unwanted advice.

At first I just kept quiet. But there are more and more kind people. Recently I started telling everyone the story of my life.

My parents divorced when I was just three years old. I didn’t really remember my father. My mother brought in a «new dad,» my stepfather. Being a young child, I never wondered where my biological father was.

But everything changed when I turned thirteen. Perhaps because of puberty, but my relationship with my stepfather broke down. It wasn’t very good before that either, and then it got even worse.

My mother always sided with my stepfather. She kept saying the same thing, namely: he supports you, feeds you, buys you clothes. This only made things even more unpleasant.

I think you will agree that it is not pleasant to hear every day «you are nobody, nothing in this house belongs to you». At some point I said: «Enough.» I began to hate this man who only humiliated me every day.

Then I started thinking about finding my biological father. My mother didn’t want to talk to me about it. For thirteen years she told me that my father was a monster. He abandoned me and was not even interested in my life all these years.

So I decided to talk to my grandmother about the subject. It turned out that my mother had left my dad to start a relationship with another man. He didn’t like the fact that her ex often came to see the baby. So they decided that nothing should bother them and, taking me with them, moved to another city.

According to my grandmother, my dad used to come to see me. But my mother never let him in. This went on for several years! Realizing that he would not be able to see his daughter, my father gave up.

It was my grandmother who helped me find my father. He never started a new family. He continued to live in the same apartment. Dad was very happy when I found him.

We started writing to each other, calling each other, and then meeting more and more often. At home, with my mother and stepfather, I couldn’t get along. I ended up moving in with my father when I was fifteen.

I was never happier than I was then. I learned what parental love is all about.

Therefore, I have the right to say to all those who claim that «this is your mother, this is the person who raised you». — get lost!

My mother and my stepfather are the people who decided for me what is best for me and almost completely destroyed my life. Blinded by their selfishness, they deprived me of my real father for ten years!

If I hadn’t decided then to find my dad, things could have ended even worse. That’s why I invited only my real father to my wedding. I don’t feel any gratitude towards my stepfather. Since then, neither my mother nor my stepfather have kept in touch with me.

Therefore, I would like to advise all potential stepfathers to think a few times before meddling in the life of their partner’s child.

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