«My wife saw my mother spoiling the child. She kicked us out of the house together with my mother,» It’s hard for me to blame her for that.

My mother is unable to behave appropriately. She is incapable of not violating other people’s boundaries, while she knows her rights well. She was never fond of my wife. There was no particular reason for this. I think it was because she was jealous of her. I am her favorite son.

A few weeks ago, my wife gave birth to a daughter.

The mother wanted to be present at the birth, but my wife did not agree to it. When my wife was in labor, the mother made a ruckus in the hall because she was not allowed to be at the birth.

Every time the mother visited us at home, she would look for something to complain about. She criticized my wife for being a terrible housekeeper. She was also sure that she would be a bad mother.

When my wife heard this, she got very upset and said: Please never come to my house again! I can hardly blame her for this. After all, it is not pleasant for anyone to be judged and humiliated.

Finally, when my wife was discharged from the hospital and we returned home, my parents expressed a desire to see their granddaughter.

My wife allowed them to come, but on one condition — that my mother-in-law keep her mouth shut. The mother vowed to keep quiet. However, as soon as she arrived, she started criticizing everything:

Why is the yard so dirty? Do you like living in a pigsty? Isn’t your wife ashamed? You should have at least cleaned up before the guests came.

My wife couldn’t help herself and immediately said that she wouldn’t let her come to our house and that my mother-in-law wouldn’t see her granddaughter for a long time.

After a few weeks, all the relatives had already managed to visit us. Even my dad. My mother has not visited us. My wife is not at all upset about this. We were at home with our daughter all the time. After all, it’s not necessary to walk with the baby from day one.

One time my wife went to the doctor, and I stayed at home with my daughter. I thought I could invite the mother over while my wife wasn’t home. The mother came right away. But I warned her that she only had two hours until her wife returned. Except that she didn’t want to leave at all. I asked her in various ways.

Victoria came home and saw that her mother-in-law was babysitting the baby. She ended up going into a rage — she started screaming, crying, cursing and chasing her out of the house.

I got angry and yelled at my wife to calm down, because she’s also my daughter. So I have the right to decide who can see her and who can’t. And no one will forbid me from doing so.

This led to my wife throwing us out of the house together with my mother. She won’t let me go back. I now live with my parents. I don’t know when my wife will finally come to her senses and calm down.

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