The guy thought he didn’t like cats until he found one.

Samuel had long ago decided for himself that he would never get a cat: he simply did not like these animals and paid no attention to them. But everything changed one day.

Samuel together with his girlfriend Ella was returning from a walk and headed to the underground parking lot to go home by car. But something alerted the couple: a strange rustle, a barely audible subtle squeak, or even a sixth sense. Anyway, Ella looked under the car and shined her smartphone light on the wheels. Under the hood, she spotted frightened burning eyes and a small fluffy body.

It was a tiny kitten that must have been frightened by the cold and loud noises.

Samuel made a quick decision and pulled the animal out almost effortlessly. Ella took the kitten in her arms and cuddled it to her. At the same moment, the couple realized they couldn’t part with their find, so they decided to take it home.

The kitten turned out to be a girl and was nicknamed Luna because it was discovered during a full moon. The veterinary clinic confirmed that the animal was healthy. The only problem was a badly injured tail, which was to be amputated in a simple operation. But the little organism eliminated the «malfunction» on its own: the damaged tip simply fell off, and the remaining wound quickly healed, leaving Luna a funny short tail, which looks very cute and funny.

The first night after meeting Luna, Ella and Samuel stayed up, constantly watching the kitty. They offered her water and food: the baby quenched her thirst and hunger, and then hid under the sofa, where she sat for a long time and flinched from any loud sound and movement.

Gradually, Luna has begun to settle into her new home and adapt. She is no longer afraid of anything, curiously watches birds from the window, frolics and even rides with Samuel on errands, sitting in his hood. And Ella has taught the pet how to bathe and climb stairs.

Luna is an incredibly beautiful cat. The veterinarian told the owners that one of the animal’s parents was likely a purebred luxury ragdoll, and this is indicated by the blue eyes and unusual light coat color.

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