«Thanks to the timely assistance of a young man, the puppy Mishka survived a critical condition.»

It had been raining heavily all day, and the little puppy that everyone had abandoned was trying to hide from the cold and damp by hiding under a heating pipe. No one noticed this dirty and skinny puppy, suffering from hunger and ticks, and paid no attention to him. He didn’t even have the strength to attract the attention of passers-by.

However, a young man passing by noticed the puppy. He found that the baby was in a critical condition and barely breathing. The man immediately took the puppy to a veterinary clinic, where doctors found that it needed a blood transfusion.

The guy promised to find a donor and save the puppy’s life. He traveled to the shelter where he found a suitable donor — a dog named Lada. Thanks to quick response and timely help, the puppy was saved.

Misha’s health improved and he became more active and cheerful. Not all dogs can withstand the hardships that the little guy went through, but now all the dangers are behind him. He was given the name Misha for his resemblance to a little bear cub.
A young man took the puppy to his home and became his owner. Now Misha has someone who will take care of him, and when he grows up, he will become a faithful friend of his new owner.

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