When the guy arrived for a fishing trip, he found a German Shepherd puppy in the pond. It turned out, he was unwanted by anyone.

A young man is fond of fishing and always goes to a beautiful pond far outside the city. One day he was walking in this area and noticed a puppy standing in the water in a muddy slurry. The guy began to call the dog, but he did not react in any way. As a result, the boy pulled the poor thing to the shore, put it in the car and took it to a veterinary clinic. During the examination veterinarians found out not only that the puppy was extremely weak, but also that he could not see or hear anything.

The 7-month-old crumb resembled a sheepdog puppy, but was more like a three-month-old in size. Perhaps because of the illness, the baby was so far behind in development. And most likely the owner decided to get rid of the puppy as soon as he found out that he was seriously ill.

The baby was named Harry and was left at the clinic for treatment. For more than a week he was examined and administered drugs through drips. The first few days the dog could not even stand normally, he was wobbling from side to side. They couldn’t leave anything in his cage, not even food bowls, because he chewed everything at once.

After 7 days, the baby could already stand steadily and his sight began to return to him. For some reason Harry could not focus his eyes on objects.

The dog was then in a holding facility where he continued to be treated. Harry’s hearing seems to have returned to him because he would come out of his enclosure when he heard sounds coming.

Thank you to the kind person who rescued him!

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