Cat Cali: A Tale of Rescue and Bonding

Bridget Staub came home to San Antonio, Texas after a long treatment and realized her life needed something more than just a home. So she decided to get a cat and went to a shelter. However, her request was unusual — she was looking for the cat that had been at the shelter the longest, the one that no one wanted to take away.

And so she met Kali, a tri-colored cat with huge green eyes, who was deaf and quite old. When Kali came out of her cage, she made a very unusual and loud mewling noise, which made Bridget laugh.

Then the cat went to the sink and meowed until the girl opened the water faucet. Cali then started rubbing against Bridget’s arms and curled up in a ball.

Bridget realized that Kali was her cat. A few days later, she took her home. But the first night was difficult for Kali, who was anxious and could only fall asleep toward morning, curled up at Bridgette’s feet. She realized she had found a home and was no longer alone.

For Bridget Cali is not just the cat she rescued from a shelter, but the cat that saved her. Love and affection for a living creature are the most important things in life, and she’s glad she found Kali, who brings her much joy.

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