While Kournikova is at home with the children, Iglesias was caught in the arms of a brunette figure skater.

The artist was glowing with happiness.

Enrique Iglesias, 48, has excited a multimillion audience by publishing a controversial video. The footage shows the Spanish singer embracing a stranger.

Figuristic beauty literally threw herself on the neck of the father of three children, from which fans came to a stupor. The singer in turn even tried to kiss her, which further angered the subscribers.

Seeing this picture, the alarmed public immediately wondered: did Kournikova see it? But, as it turned out a little later, the fans panicked in vain. Iglesias was hugging the famous singer, with whom he released a new single.

«Who’s the girl?», «Does Kournikova know?», «You look cool.», — are writing on the Web.

Photo source: Enrique Iglesias/Social Media screenshot
Photo source: Photobank — legion-media

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