George Clooney’s twins consider their father ‘the funniest person they’ve ever met…

George Clooney is making the most of the time in his life when his kids think he’s cool.

In an interview Saturday night as one of the 2022 Kennedy Center Honors recipients, the 61-year-old Ticket to Paradise actor talked about what his wife Amal Clooney and twin children Ella and Alexander, who are 5, think of his latest accomplishment.

He stated this with a chuckle and added: «They’re 5 years old, so I’m golden now.»

«They claim that ‘Daddy can cure anything,'» Amal said, «he’s the funniest person they’ve ever encountered, besides the fact that he can solve all their problems.»

Clooney continued by saying: «We know things will change, but right now I’m doing great.»

The human rights lawyer, who is 44, took part in a panel in New York City in October to launch the «Get Her There» campaign. During her speech, she talked about how her twin children, Ella and Alexander, motivate her to continue working in the field of advocacy.

Amal told her colleagues Michelle Obama and Melinda French Gates that the «true motivation» for her work at the Clooney Foundation for Justice is her children.

Despite Amal’s young children being «not quite up to date with current events,» the lawyer’s son Alexander has noticed that his mother has been quite active in human rights activism recently.

She continued: «It’s interesting to me that in a few years, when they’re over 5 years old, they’ll start to learn about some of these issues that we’re talking about and what’s going on in the world.»

When George was interviewed at the Roybal School of Film and Television Production Magnet in Los Angeles in September to promote the magnet school he created in the city, he was asked about the possibility of the twins pursuing a career in the acting industry.

George said there are no limits for their children. «I have a hunch that they’re a little brighter than me, so it’s quite likely that they’ll accomplish anything. On the other hand, they already know three languages, while I’m still trying to improve my English.»

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