Rare Photos: Madonna Shares a Picture of All Six of Her Children

Madonna is a superstar in the United States. The singer is considered the queen of pop music. She has brought quite a lot of new things to the culture of the world. The singer’s personal life has always caused a lot of discussion in the press, as well as the singer’s children.

Recently, 64-year-old pop diva Madonna posted a rare family photo with all six of her children.

The snapshot was taken on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Most importantly, the singer managed to gather all her children, and son Rocco Ritchie, with whom they were in a quarrel for a long time and the boy lived with his father, famous director Guy Ritchie in London.

The photo posted on a social media site showed Madonna’s six children, Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy James, and ten-year-old twins Esther and Stella.

They all gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving at the singer’s home in New York City.Under the photo, the singer wrote that the photo shows everything she is thankful for in this world.

Madonna gave birth to her first child when she was 38 years old, her oldest daughter Lourdes.

At the time, Madonna was in a relationship with an athlete from Cuba. Baby Lourdes bears her father’s last name.

Lourdes Leon is now of age and she shares a business with her mom. They created their own clothing brand.

In 2000, the singer had a son. Madanna was the legal wife of Guy Ritchie.

He became the last husband of the singer. Soon Madonna gave her husband a son, who was named Rocco.

In 2006, the singer adopted a dark-skinned baby boy named David Bund. At the time of the adoption, the baby boy was 13 months old.

Three years later, Madonna adopted a girl named Mercy James. The girl is also from Malawi, just like the first boy. In February 2018, the singer’s family welcomed two children at once — Stella and Esther. In order to adopt the girls Madonna lived in Malawi for a month for the Supreme Court to approve the custody.

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