The main character of the series ‘Elen and the Guys’ is 56 years old. What does she look like now and what is she doing?

Hélène Rolle — French actress and singer became famous back in the 90s. She starred in youth serials, which were very much loved by the audience back then.

We learned about it after the series «Ellen and the Boys» was released, in its day young people would drop everything just to have time to watch the next episode.

Ellen’s mom worked in a concert hall, so the girl was among the performers literally from birth. She and herself began to engage in singing, and in the breaks handed out tea and coffee to artists.

One day the girl’s grandmother saw an ad for a blue-eyed girl for a role in the movie «The Black Lamb», even though Ellen doesn’t have blue eyes, her grandmother still sent her photo to the producers. And among the three thousand applicants producers chose her. The girl at that time was 12 years old.

Rolle’s vocal career began in 1987 after meeting Jean-Luc Azoulay, a famous music producer, who immediately recognized the girl’s talent. And three years later she has already recorded her first solo CD «Ce train qui s’en va». It was very popular and quickly sold more than 100,000 copies.

Popular in the movie she became after she starred in the series «First Kiss», then the producers received a lot of letters from viewers, the return was enormous. So later the series «Helen and the boys» was filmed, after which the popularity of Rolle increased doubly.

During the hours when it was airing, it was impossible to tear teenagers away from the TV. And the song to the series became a real anthem for young people.

In total, the actress starred in only 7 films. The first place in her life is always music.

Ellen never married, perhaps affected by a busy career. She is known to have adopted two children: a brother and a sister originally from Ethiopia.

Ellen is now 56 years old. She is often invited to appear on various talk shows and music programs on French TV.

She also loves to read and enjoys pottery. Even has her own pottery studio in the greenhouse.

And television in France is showing the TV series «Mysteries of Love» and season 23 is already underway.

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