8 Secrets to a Flawless Men’s Suit

The pursuit of perfection is a trait of perfectionists. In general, this is a good quality, but often it is exhausting, because the pursuit of perfection takes a lot of energy. But if you observe the golden mean in the desire to do everything well and quality, you can achieve excellent results, saving your own energy..

Well-tailored and fitted men’s suit — this is already 90% of success. But there are those 10% that may not play in favor of the owner of the «perfect suit».

In today’s article we will talk about men’s suit, which requires attention before leaving the house. We will tell you about eight secrets, thanks to which it will look flawless.

1. Between the knot of the tie and the collar should not be a gap. If there is, the tie will not take the right place in the image, and will not produce the proper effect. To avoid this, it is enough to place the tie in the center and tighten it.

2. There should be no strip of tie material peeking out from under the collar (on the sides and back). It should be hidden under the shirt collar.

3. Very elegant and stylish will look very elegant and stylish small hollow on the tie (they can be made several). A flat surface will also look good. This nuance is a matter of taste.

4. A breastplate peeking out of a jacket pocket should not fall into it. This is a decorative element, so part of it looks out. To avoid this problem, initially choose a handkerchief of the right size. If it still turned out to be small, form it in such a way that in the lower part of it there was a volume. Then the accessory will not hide in the pocket. When shaping the volume, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the pocket will become an unnatural size.

5. The sleeves of the shirt need to be straightened out of the jacket a bit. It will be enough for the cuffs to peek out a few centimeters.

6. The costume should be free of dust, threads and wool. They can be easily removed with a special brush. A roller brush with a sticky coating works very well for this purpose.

7. Shoes should be no less impeccable than the suit. Thoroughly clean it and wax it from the evening. But before leaving the house, you should make a few brush strokes on it to create a fresh shine.

Now knowing these secrets and subtleties, you will always look your best in your favorite suit.

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