Irina Shayk’s appearance compared to other models: why her figure cannot be called the ideal one

Paris Fashion Week is officially over, and now we can safely call Irina Shayk one of the main participants of the event. Over the past few days, the Russian top model has constantly walked the runway, both in romantic wedding-themed dresses and daring semi-nude looks.

This time, Shayk’s final runway show was for the fashion house Mugler. Looking at the photos from the show, one can’t help but notice that Irina looks different than most models dressed in the reference size zero for couture.

It’s no secret that the fashion world is categorical about the parameters of models. At one time, even the incredibly slim Bella Hadid had to lose even more weight, as brands refused to work with her without this condition. At the beginning of her career Irina also had to torture herself with diets, because she was quite shapely for high fashion — unlike the requirements of Victoria’s Secret shows.

It seems that such a striking difference from the others at the Mugler show can be regarded as another confirmation of the unique status of the Russian woman in the fashion world. Irina Shayk is a true icon of modern fashion. She is able to change the ideas about models in particular and women’s beauty in general — so that everyone finally stopped categorizing ordinary women’s figures as plus-size.

Do you think Irina Shayk’s figure is more attractive than the rest of the show’s participants?

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