«I’m Worried About My Finger, But I’m Willing to Give It a Try»: Kate Middleton Finds Herself in a Wheelchair»

Kate Middleton made an appearance at an event despite her injury. The Princess of Wales impressed the rugby players.

The wife of Prince William met with rugby league players for people with disabilities in East Yorkshire. Kate joined a training session with England’s World Cup-winning wheelchair rugby team. The mother-of-many children came to the meeting despite her injury.

She said.
«I’m worried about my finger but I’m willing to give it a go,» Middleton told a teammate before stepping onto the court. The bandages appear to be a precautionary measure for an injury that occurred recently. Kate hurt her fingers jumping on a trampoline with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at their home in Windsor.

Despite injury, Kate has been quick to get into the game

The royals have been favoring sophisticated suits lately, but this time Kate wore a dark blue rugby league polo shirt and athletic pants with white sneakers. Despite the casual look, the princess styled her hair perfectly and did a light daytime makeup.

The princess had her hair perfectly styled and did light daytime makeup.
Princess of Wales took a chance with the ball

The royal first ran around and passed the ball to the rugby team before taking part in the game. Kate quickly opened the scoring. The Princess of Wales impressed the athletes.

Kate spoke to athletes

«She learned very quickly how to maneuver in the chair. I’m not just saying that because it’s her, but it’s the first time I’ve seen someone realize the game on the first try. I think Kate had secret training sessions before coming here because she was a natural. She even completed a pass with a kick in the corner. To be honest, she impressed me,» explained 28-year-old England coach Tom Coyd.

Here’s what I mean.
Kate was quick to settle into the chair

His team beat reigning champions France 28-24 to win the World Cup final in November. Kate told him how she, William and the children, George, Charlotte and Louis, were «screaming» into the TV as they cheered on the athletes.

She said.
«She told me it was the competition on TV that got the kids hooked. After we won, Kate hosted a reception for us at Hampton Court and promised she would do her best on her own. For her to be here today, getting in a wheelchair and trying to do it was really impressive. Я видел, как люди садились в кресло и выглядели очень неловко. Но ей было так легко со всем этим», — приводит слова Койда Daily Mail.

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