The Biggest Mistakes in Men’s Fashion — Check if You’re Familiar With Them.

Don’t Worry If You’ve Made These Mistakes in Men’s Fashion. We’ll Help You Fix Them. Find Out Which Errors You Might Have Been Making When Choosing Clothes and Crafting Your Look!

Most often, less obvious mistakes in men’s fashion exist in formal and semi-formal styles. This can happen most likely in beginners who may not be familiar with some of the rules of clothing selection.

In this article, we share with you the biggest men’s style mistakes. By familiarizing yourself with them, you will know how to properly compose an image and make it unique.


Sometimes, men make the mistake of wearing a lot of clothes, thinking that the more beautiful things to put on, the better it will be. This approach is extremely wrong.

For example, putting on a t-shirt, a shirt, a sweater, a vest and a jacket all look too layered. This approach to choosing clothes will definitely not make us stylish. This can happen during the cold season.

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from the cold and still look stylish, put on a sweater and a warm jacket.

Long pants

If you’re wearing wide pants and there’s a fold of excess fabric gathering on them, you’ll look smaller in stature and have a sloppy appearance.

Here’s a tip for finding the perfect pant length: choose pants that are long enough to barely touch the top of your shoes.

Or, if you find pants that you like a lot but they are longer than you need, go to an atelier to shorten them to the length you need. Also, linen pants can be a great choice. They are made of natural material and they do not feel worn. They can be combined with different styles of clothing.

Square Toe Shoes

Square toe shoes are an outdated model. Give preference to shoes made of genuine leather.

Jacket sleeve length

When choosing a jacket, it is very difficult to find one that will sit perfectly on the figure. Before buying, it is better to try it on. Sleeves should not completely cover the arm. Their ideal length — above the bone on the wrist. Also, just a little should peek through the cuff of the shirt.

How to choose a jacket with a perfect fit? The best solution is to seek help from an atelier or your tailor. Such manipulation will not cost a lot of money, but it is worth it to look stylish.

Long shirt

With a long shirt, you will visually appear bigger and not look neat. When putting on the shirt, make sure that the collar does not have too much room. The shoulder seams should not extend beyond the edges of your shoulders. Around the torso, you should not have a lot of extra fabric visually flattering your figure.

Also, there are cases when the outerwear does not fit properly, or turns out to be very long, or excessively bulky. This can be the case with different outerwear, such as a men’s bomber. Do not forget: if the thing is large, it can be corrected by asking for help in the atelier or tailor.

It is important to know to take measurements of your body: measure the length of the sleeve, the circumference of the waist, the circumference of the hips, the length of the shoulders and the circumference of the chest.

All these parameters will help you in choosing the perfect fit of your clothing size.

Visible undergarments

The undergarment under a classic shirt should not look out from underneath it.

If you like a T-shirt, you can emphasize this by wearing it in combination with an informal style, and, for example, put it on under a denim jacket men’s.

In this case, the T-shirt will look organic.

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