How to choose the color of men’s footwear?

A man’s footwear is one of the key elements of his wardrobe. It’s important to know how to choose not only the shape and style of the footwear but also the color. This is the topic we’ll focus on in today’s article.

Modern fashion allows wearing sneakers with elegant pants, oxfords with jeans. However, an unsuccessfully selected color can surrender the image ridiculous.

Of course, it is impossible to make a mistake with the color, if you combine black shoes with black pants. This is a classic and, from a fashion point of view, boring combination. If in your closet things in more than two colors, it will take more than one pair of shoes for successful combinations for any day.

The main rules and recommendations that will help you make the right choice

— Dark colors of shoes look more spectacular than light colors. In addition, they can be matched more combinations.

— One-color shoes look better than multicolored ones.

— It is necessary to take into account not only the color, but also the style. Chocolate oxfords look more spectacular than black ones, and black derbies are better than brown ones.

— Take into account that white sneakers look good with almost any sportswear, unlike white oxfords.

— Keep your shoes always tidy, take care of them. Then it will not only look beautiful, but also last longer.

— Do not make an image with several expressive and bright colors. For example, if the shoes are bright, wear neutral-colored rest of your clothes.

Shoe colors and their combinations with clothes


Black color boots and shoes are a win-win and optimal option for men’s closet. Stylists claim that black oxfords are the most elegant shoes, but it narrows the options of combinations with clothes. For example, black oxfords look spectacular with elegant pants and are not suitable for jeans.

Black shoes are a good choice for business style and formal events. They are combined with suits of gray and dark blue tones.

If you want to wear such shoes with informal clothes, choose informal designs too. Black shoes don’t go with colorful pants as well as shorts.


The abundance of brown tones allows you to choose shoes for almost any occasion (except for the strictest dress codes). Brown shoes and boots will help to make the image individual. The lighter the brown tone, the more informal the image can be.

Such shoes are perfectly combined with chinos pants. The main thing is that the color of shoes and pants did not merge. There should be a difference of at least a few tones.

Warm tones of brown are a good option for combination with blue pants or indigo jeans. But such shoes should be informal.

Saturated red color

Many men do not dare to include in their closet shoes of this color, and in vain. With a successful combination can turn out quite an interesting image. This is a fashionable solution of the season. So that the image was not extravagant, choose a familiar style.

Of course, shoes of rich red color do not look with business suits, but successfully combined with many things: chinos, jeans, suit pants.

Loafers will complete the casual look. They can be worn, for example, with summer pants, making podcasts. Also in red color will look stylish and sports shoes — sneakers or sneakers.

Tan color

Under this color means a moderately saturated tone of brown. Quite popular are such shoes with suede coating, but they are worn only with informal clothes.

Tan-colored shoes are successfully combined with jeans and chinos of any tones. If such shoes without laces, such as loafers, wear them with shorts as well. For example, for the cold season in this color will look good men’s natural Uggs. (Women’s Uggs)


As a classic, such shoes are not quite the right option. But with informal items of clothing it is quite possible to create an interesting and individual image.

Blue color successfully complements the coating with an interesting texture. Not bad will be a combination with black casual clothes. No less successful option — suede blue shoes, especially under chinos pants.

Blue desert boots are a great option under jeans. It’s a bit rough and yet it doesn’t lack a touch of elegance. But make sure that blue jeans and desertis don’t blend in.

White colored sneakers

White sneakers in the style of minimalism will fit almost any clothes, except for strict suits and formal images. They go especially well with jeans, long-sleeved polos, shorts, and chinos.

One disadvantage of white sneakers is their stainability. You’ll have to carry wet wipes or special care products with you at all times.

Multicolored sneakers

Recently, wearing colored sneakers was limited to the gym, but now fashion provides for their wearing on the street and even at work. The main thing is to combine them successfully. As we said in the article, bright shoes are combined with clothes of neutral tones. A great match for sneakers is jeans (from black to white).

Despite the variety of styles and colors of men’s shoes, knowing the secrets of combination, you can easily create a spectacular and stylish image.

Tell us in the comments what shoes and with what clothes you prefer to wear.

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