Men’s Outerwear: How to Stay Stylish Even in Cold Weather

Winter is not the season for strolling around in a lightweight windbreaker. It requires specific insulation. At the very least, a warm jacket and a hat are necessary. At most, stylish outerwear that keeps you warm and looking your best. In our selection, only such options!

Wearing a thin jacket in the snow and frost is not just uncomfortable and unhealthy. It also looks ridiculous. To look stylish and modern, it is not necessary to buy only ultra-trendy things. Eternal classics that never go out of fashion are enough. Let’s tell you what winter outerwear to buy, so that it was both warm and beautiful.

Puffa jacket


This is one of the warmest options out there. And it’s also comfortable enough to fit any style, from sporty to business casual. You just need a basic model: calm shade, elongated, straight cut, laconic, without decorations. Such can be worn with sweatpants, and with a strict suit.


A very elegant outerwear for classic lovers. To be really warm, take a woollen, tweed or cashmere coat. But synthetic materials are not suitable for winter, you will simply freeze. As for the model, there is a huge variety of them. Pick up the silhouette for your body type. The right fit will help to correct the proportions a little. A long double-breasted coat with a straight cut will elongate the growth and hide a prominent belly. Massive shoulders and a wide fur collar will accentuate the upper torso if you need to enlarge it a bit.

Fur coat


Natural fur is not in fashion right now. Products made of eco fur look more relevant, stylish and not so deliberate. Besides, it has long been known that they warm no worse. Therefore, if the fur coat fits into your style, look at ecological materials. Quite a good option — sheepskin. Such fur coats do not add extra age, sit well on the figure, can be in different shades and different lengths.


When you need to go somewhere by car, there’s no point in dressing up in a bulky down jacket. But a lightweight waistcoat won’t restrict your movements. At the same time you will be much more comfortable than just in a jumper. There is also a great variety of them: models from plaschevka, suede, corduroy with padding from down, syntepon and other weightless fillers.

Choose your own flavor. It’s a very versatile piece, by the way. It can be worn at any time of the year. Instead of a jacket over a shirt or sweatshirt. Or under the same coat to create a layered super warm look.

This is just the most essential base. Such outerwear will fit perfectly into any closet and will go with all pants and shoes. What would you add to the list of winter mastheads?

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