The Golden Retriever Saved a Kitten and Became Its Dad: Their Story Touches Millions

One ordinary day, the owner took her Golden Retriever, Mamayo, for a walk.

But as they were walking along the usual route, Mamayo suddenly broke away and ran towards the bushes. Later he came back not alone, but with a small kitten without a tail in its teeth. The little kitten was very scared and needed help.

The owner is not named, but she found an old box, put the kitten in it and they went home together.

The red kitten was given the name Honey and was ransomed, fed and taken to the vet. After examination it turned out that the baby is about 2 months old, he is healthy, but needed warmth, food and care.

Of course, Honey stayed to live with his rescuers. He and Mamayo have become inseparable friends, and the dog has decided that Honey is her new baby. She follows him around all the time, never leaving him for a second.

This story about little Meda and Mamayo has become a viral hit online, causing people to reconsider their relationship with animals.

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