No one wanted to take a kitten with a strange appearance from the shelter, but then a miracle happened.

In the world, there are a large number of healthy kittens who, despite their excellent physical condition, cannot find their home and caring owners. And what can we say about the small fluffy creatures born with some physical peculiarities – their fate seems to be unfortunately preordained.

However, in one of the American animal shelters, a kitten appeared who seemed utterly imperfect. His diagnosis was hydrocephalus, and he had a multitude of other illnesses. His weak legs prevented him from standing and walking confidently. Initially, his future looked grim, and he was destined to live in the shelter.

However, a miracle happened. This miracle had a name — Lisa Jones. One day, she saw this tiny kitten on the shelter’s website, and Lisa’s heart filled with compassion. She decided to take him in, despite the fact that it required a long journey across half of America.

Lisa named her new friend Zig. By the way, she already had another cat with the same condition, albeit in a milder form. That’s why she knew how to care for such kittens.

Under her loving care and in his new home, Zig learned to walk, and then to run. Lisa proudly recounts that her kitten became a true ‘summit conqueror’ – in her apartment, there’s not a single table, cupboard, or dresser that Zig couldn’t climb onto.

As is often the case, rescued animals become devoted to their owners. Zig was no exception. According to Lisa, he is incredibly affectionate and gentle, adores being petted, and purrs loudly.

Zig quickly established a common language with Lisa’s second kitten, whom she named Superman. The pets spend a lot of time together, and Zig is taking confident strides into his new life.

This is a story of how, thanks to kind-hearted people like Lisa, kittens who seemed unwanted by anyone find their home and loving owners.

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