The caring dog, known as ‘Buddy,’ took on the role of ‘mom’ for three little ducklings who were left without parents.

A caring dog called «Buddy» has taken on the role of «mom» to three little ducklings left without parents.

These three ducklings — Frances, Marge and Dot — were introduced to Buddy right after they were born.

At first, when Buddy first saw the ducklings, he was a little puzzled and didn’t know how to act. He just sniffed them, figuring out what kind of newborn creatures they were.

However, he soon realized that in front of him were three little children in need of care and love. So he took on the role of their parent.

At first the ducklings were wary of Buddy, which is only natural. But when they discovered that his fur was soft and cozy, they grew to love him.

The ducklings followed him everywhere and did everything together, and Buddy even taught them how to swim.

Over time, the ducklings grew up and became adult ducks, but their bond with Buddy remained strong. They still spend time together playing and cuddling, and the love between them remains unchanged!

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